Monsta X Continue the Story on ‘FOLLOW - FIND YOU’

The group is back with a new album

October 28, 2019

Monsta X return this week with their new album, FOLLOW – FIND YOU, an 8 track exploration that finds the K-pop group continuing their hopeful mission of music, bouncing between immersive ballads and pulse-quickening jams that snap expectations.

After the success of their We Are Here World Tour and their smash “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” with French Montana, 2019 has become one of the biggest years ever for the group. They’ve been spotted all over US TV, and keep catching new fans along the way, caught up in their choreography and infectious choruses. It’s a trend sure to continue with another solid entry into their catalog, with FOLLOW – FIND YOU showing the 7 excelling in all arenas.

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While it lacks an English crossover, it makes up for it with pure energy. Songs like “Burn it up” build in dangerous ways, releasing the pressure before exploding into the chorus. It’s a stadium-sized song, perfect for the group’s holiday show tour this winter. Elsewhere “Follow” sputters and spins with a chaotic climax, maxing out levels before the bass enters and the bars begin.

Monsta X also make room for a few tender moments in the collection, even kicking it off with the thoughtful, “Find you.” The group finds a balance between ballads and bangers, exploring the connection they share and adding another chapter of tunes to the tale. FOLLOW – FIND YOU is the sound of K-pop secure in its sound, and ready to keep growing.

FOLLOW – FIND YOU is now available everywhere.

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