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Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms; The Priestly Family Review

November 2, 2018

My kids Olivia, Jack and Parker ALL were psyched for this one, me…ehhh.  I’m not a big Nutcracker fan, not that I have any hate for it…I just didn’t have much interest in it.  As a kid ballet was not my thing, but I have always loved the music from The Nutcracker and it’s awesome throughout Disney’s new movie.

For sure one of the highlights was hearing the music in surround sound accompanied by a “visually spectacular” film.  The special effects are awesome.  The characters are strong!  The lead Clara played by Mackenzie Foy, rocks! Keira Knightley is AMAZING and invisible as the lead Sugar Plum Queen.  I knew she was in the film and kept wondering all throughout the movie, who is playing Sugar Plum?  Keira was excellent!  I LOVED Morgan Freeman…and the movie is a nice holiday movie. 

Original it is not.  Take one part The Wizard Of Oz, one part Alice In Wonderland; set to The Nutcracker and you have the Four Realms.  On a day that was far from perfect, with a rough trip to the theater…I walked out of a theater I was hesitant to even walk into and was pleasantly surprised.  Even if you don’t see it on the big screen…check it out at home for the holidays!!

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