Harry Styles Helps Baltimore Fan Come Out to Mom

July 25, 2018

By Julia Weinberg

18-year-old Baltimore native Grace was following Harry Styles’ tour across the country when the British singer changed her life forever.

Styles paused his San Jose concert to help Grace, who identifies as bi-sexual, come out to her parents. He noticed her poster that read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you!”

Grace posted a video of the interaction on Twitter, and the story went viral!

Styles’ support, as well as the support of his fan base, inspired Grace to come out to her own family:

“He’s always been so supportive of the LGBT community, even when he was in One Direction. It just made me feel included. A lot of his fan base is also gay or bi, so to be with people that I know will accept me and not look at me differently was really comforting.”

Grace attended 10 shows of Style’s U.S. arena tour. She covered 4,300 miles total, traveling up the East coast to New York City and Boston, and then flying across the country to California.

After a couple of concerts, Grace began to recognize people in the pits. She also made many friends on Twitter who followed Styles on his tour as well. Grace would go to the concerts alone, but meet up with her “mutuals” (people she follows and who follow her back on Twitter). They eventually became very close friends.

Grace and her tour friends
Courtesy of Grace

For Grace and many other fans, following Styles on his tour is about more than music and his good looks. Styles, Grace, and the friends she has made share a passion for political activism.

Grace says, “I love that his fans care about that kind of stuff. That’s another reason why I like to make friends with people who are his fans; they care about things more than just ‘Harry’s hot.’ They care about political issues more than any other fan base that I’ve seen on social media.”

Ever since Styles helped Grace come out, she has received an “overwhelmingly positive” response. At the next couple shows people thanked Grace for her courage and offered support. They even reached out to her mom, thanking her for her acceptance of her daughter’s identity. Grace calls this experience “eye-opening” as she feels so lucky to be in a community that is so accepting of who she is.

Congrats, Grace!