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Irrational Fears, Mine The Dentist! Hey it's Priestly, I’m FREAKIN' OUT!

November 1, 2018

Damn that freakin piece of micro wave popcorn that got me the other day!!!!  I’m hours away from going to get it fixed and my hands are shaking and sweaty!

When I was younger…I had, in my mind, LOTS of dentistry work done. Multiple extractions, molds and braces all by 3rd grade!! I know root canals too, so I do have a reason, but…this is nuts AND I KNOW IT!  I could have taken “medicine” to calm my nerves…but I’m just doing it.  Ughh, pacing my house, pulse is racing…I hate this. 

I have a friend who has a similar experience before and during air flight, so I know we are not alone. What’s you “irrational fear”?  Drop a comment on the fb page

 When I’m back live tomorrow at 2p, we’ll discuss. Yes, TOMORROW! Thx Neci for covering the show today and Tom for understanding and being awesome! My body will need to relax for the remainder of the day to return to my regular state…wish me luck!

Take care of your teeth!!!!