Kramer & Jess Clip of The Day: "Miss Millie" Bailey

102 Year Old "Miss Millie" from Columbia!

October 29, 2020
Millie Bailey

Credit: Bailey Family


Today, Kramer and Jess were honored to talk with Millie Bailey. She just turned 102.  How did she celebrate her birthday?  By jumping out of a plane!  Millie is a World War 2 Veteran from Columbia MD who just turned 102 years old!  How did she celebrate?  By jumping out of a plane!  

Millie was in the Women's Army Corps in World War II.  She rose to Unit Commander and retired from service in 1975. 

She talked with Kramer & Jess about her life, her skydiving AND gave advice about handling "worrying" in life. 

We love you Miss Millie!  Thank you for coming on the show!