Expedia Named Baltimore One of the Country's Smelliest Cities But Here's Why...

September 24, 2018


If Chicago smells like chocolate, Milwaukee smells like beer, and Buffalo smells like cereal?! Then what do you think Baltimore smells like?

Travel website Expedia has named Baltimore one of the 10 Smelliest Cities in America... but the scent might surprise you....

Apparently we smell like bread?

Yes, that's right, freshly baked bread!

The author says - 

"Smelling like home sweet home, Baltimore will have you salivating, as a trail of sugary and floury aromas hits your senses."

 And cites places like, Schmidt Baking Company and H&S Bakery as two of the reasons why we smell so doughy!

So, what do you think? Does Baltimore smell like bread? Is it a bad thing, or a good thing?

And if you don't think our signature scent is bread, what would it be?!

Let us know!!