Is Having A Credit Card Declined On A First Date A Deal-Breaker?

September 25, 2018
credit card dealbreaker

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Picture this: you're on a first date. The person you're with offers to pay for the date with their credit card, but the server comes back and says, "I'm sorry but your card has been declined." Is that a deal-breaker, a sign that the person doesn't have their life together and you should run far, far away? Some people think so!

I think it could happen for a ton of reasons (identity theft, an unexpected automatic payment, etc.), but some people, including Bethany, do believe this shows that they are a mess (!) and are completely unstable, financially and perhaps in other ways. Here's what people said on the show:


Yes, It's a Deal-Breaker

  • Definite deal breaker! If his other card didn't work, would he expect her to pick it up? That's an acceptable mistake when you've been together for a year, not the first date
  • Bethany is right! Get your life right before you try to drag someone else into your mess!
  • In the car with my Dad on the way to work, listening to the date dilemma and he says.. "Even I say dealbreaker..and I'm a guy!"

Sort of

  • It's a red flag for his money management skills for sure, and not something i'd be bound to forget, but not a dealbreaker
  • One card shouldn't be a deal breaker but if two cards are rejected that is a problem.

Nope, Not a Problem

  • People are so judgy. Cards get declined. Chips malfunction. This is why I believe first dates should be a fun activity that is either free or you pay for yourself. That avoids money being a concern. Which on a 1st date it shouldn't be. I'm not evaluating if you can finance my life correctly on a first date. How about worrying about if they are a d-bag or not.
  • Not long after meeting my husband I paid off his debt. He was a mess. Got married 6 months later and married for 20 years now
  • No wonder I'm depressed. People are judging me by my money and NOT by my personality
  • Since people are apparently worried about going on a date with someone's wallet and not the person....there's a word for a that. Golddigger
  •  This happened on my first date with my husband of 7 years. Some people aren't good with money... you can change or help a persons finances- you can't change their personality!! He's "perfect" in every other way- I'd rather be rich in love than rich in money!!!! You can always make more money- you can't make/get love!!!
  • In every relationship/marriage their is 1 person that handles finances----maybe he's looking for his better half
  • People are still missing the point is, you can do everything possible to prepare for that date, and something could still go wrong with a credit card. Jesus people
  • The banks mess up all the time. There are several times when I have money in my account but my card still gets declined. 
  • Whenever I travel my card is frequently rejected because my charges just seem unusual
  • If I had judged my husband based on his credit score when we first met I wouldn't have the amazing man I have today for over 20 years.
  • That should not be a deal breaker. Especially not the first time it happens. There could be so many reasons why the card did not go through. Not just because person doesnt have their finances in order. I joked with my friend about my card not working when we went out. When it came time to pay, my card was declined. I had money but it turns out I was the victim of fraud and my account was put on a freeze due to suspicious charges which I had no idea about when I made the joke about my card not working.


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- Reagan