Eight Coffees Ranked by How Much Caffeine They're Packing

January 28, 2019

ID 36751089 © Valya82 | Dreamstime.com

Most people don't realize this, but McDonald's coffee is fairly weak compare to other places you can go:  Starbucks coffee has more than twice as much caffeine per ounce (Starbucks also has more than twice as much caffeine per ounce than Red Bull).  Here's how the major chains rank, along with some other beverages. 


Here are eight coffees ranked by how much caffeine each one is packing:


1.  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - 20.8 milligrams of caffeine per ounce.  To compare, Pepsi only has about 3 milligrams per ounce.


2.  Starbucks - 20.6 milligrams per ounce.


3.  7-Eleven coffee - 17.5 milligrams.


4.  Peet's Coffee - 16.7 milligrams.


5.  Dunkin' Donuts coffee - 15 milligrams.


6.  Chick-fil-A coffee - 13.6 milligrams.


7.  Panera Bread, 11.8 milligrams per ounce.


8.  McDonald's coffee, just 9.1 milligrams. 


To compare, Pepsi and Coke have about 3 milligrams per ounce, black tea has 5.25 milligrams per ounce, and Red Bull has 9.46 milligrams per ounce (which would put it just above McDonald's on the list).