Here's the Food That Maryland Hates More Than Anyone Else

August 29, 2019
The Food That Maryland Hates More Than Anyone Else

Credit: ahirao Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus


There's a dating app called Hater that matches people up by the stuff they say they hate.  And they just analyzed their data to figure out what food people in every state disproportionately hate more than the rest of the country.


In Vermont, it's spray cheese. In Texas, it's well done steak. New Jersey folks hate gas station wine.


So what does Maryland hate more than any other state?


The corner piece of a brownie. 


We've been saying for years that edges of brownies are overrated. And now, here's proof that Maryland, over any other state, gets it. The edge of a brownie is basically a cookie. So if you want a cookie, have a cookie. If you want a soft, chewy, gooey brownie, get the middle piece of a brownie that you deserve.


As for our surrounding states, Pennsylvanians hate chai lattes, West Virginia hates tofu, Virginia hates dabbing grease off pizza with a napkin, and Delaware hates Hawaiian pizza.