Free Orange Crush if Chris Davis Crushes It!

April 10, 2019

Mike Ehrmann / Staff - Getty Image Sport


Well, you're in luck because Chris Davis is, too - thirsty for a hit!

Chris is the Orioles' first baseman and he's gone a long, long, long time without a base knock... like even longer than I've gone without a cocktail. Right now he's 0 for 50 at the plate.  

Here's the good news -

Power Plant Live! announced that it will be giving away 1,000 orange crush drinks when he gets his first hit of the season! And, if it's a home run, they'll give away 1,500!

Back when he led the league in home runs, Davis’ nickname was Crush, so this only seems right, right?

Cheers Chris! We're behind you! #IBacktheBirds