Everyone Agrees: Halloween Should Be Moved To A Saturday

October 30, 2018

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Ok maybe not everyone, but there are some strong feelings. Is it bad that Halloween is always on October 31st no matter what?

It sometimes feels that way, especially on a year like this, where it's on a Wednesday,  and it would be so much better for kids AND adults if we were celebrating it on a weekend.

So is this the answer?  There's a petition on Change.org right now where people are calling to give Halloween a floating date, where it's always the last Saturday in October.

That would make Halloween more like Labor Day, which is always the first Monday in September regardless of the date . . . and less like Independence Day, which is always on July 4th.

And so far, more than 32,000 people have signed the petition.

Halloween has been celebrated on the last day of October dating back at least 2,000 years, when it was an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain.  

Some of our listeners completely agreed that Halloween should be moved to Saturday, and others were adamant that the tradition stay. Here's what they said:

Move It To Saturday

  • Yaaas! Having the kids out late on a school night all hopped up on sugar is the worst!
  •  Agree! My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday to make Halloween the last Saturday of October. Just like thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of the month. Totally agree
  • Yes! My parents neighborhood always does it the Sunday before. Parade at 3pm followed by Trick or Treating so the little ones get tons of daylight and don't have to go in the dark.
  • I get it and dont want to change tradition, but at the same time getting home from work (and sometimes with horrible traffic), putting dinner on the table, then getting the kids changed into their costumes. Then having to get them up at 530 the next morning to get them to daycare by 7. I would like to have trick or treating on Saturday.

Don't Move It

  • It’s a Christian holiday that is set for October 31st because it’s the evening before All Saints Day. Should we also move Christmas???
  • No. It should be left alone. That’s what’s wrong with society nowadays. Instead of adjusting YOUR habits it’s always making other people or things conform to one’s own. It’s bad enough not one holiday goes by without merchandising for the next two months early.
  • Halloween in the middle of the week is far safer for kids in my opinion. Too many adults driving irresponsibly and then adding excited little ones is a recipe for disaster.
  • No. No. No. Sometimes tradition chumps convenience. We, as a society, have gotten into the habit of changing things merely because they inconvenience us instead of working with or around something. Leave the holiday alone. It has historical significance to be on the 31st. Move your candy collection, by all means, but leave the holiday itself alone.
  • So many other things that could be changed in this country and people are worried about when Halloween is....
  • Nah, I don't think there's a reason to change the date. I feel like this has been talked about since I was a kid, and if the issue is Trick or Treating, just do that the Last Saturday of October. No need to change the date. Problem solved. I think some neighborhoods already do it anyway.
  • No. Leave it. It is no big deal for Halloween to be on a week night. My community only allowed Trick or Treating from 6-8.
  • No - that's stupid. Halloween is a DATE, not a day - like Easter is always celebrated on the first Full Moon following the vernal equinox. However - Christmas is a DATE that is chosen to observe the birth of Christ - Dec 25. Nov 1st is always All Saints Day so Halloween has to be on the 31st. 
    The word literally means "hallowed evening," and was known to early European celebrators as All Hallows' Eve. All Hallows' Eve (October 31) and All Saints' Day (November 1) both paid homage to saints ("hallows" = saints).
  • No!!! Halloween is more dangerous on the weekends because of the adult drinking parties!!
  • Why though? It is just like any other holiday on a fixed date, plan accordingly!
  • Should we change the 4th of July celebration so that it is always on a weekend? Nope!
  • No but schools should be closed or at least go in late the next day


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