Reagan and Bethany Try To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

September 21, 2018
Open Wine Bottle Without Corkscrew

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Do lifehacks work? We decided to see when we were faced with the unpleasant challenge of having a bottle of wine in the studio but no corkscrew.

"Reagan and Bethany, isn't 6 a.m. a little bit early to open a bottle of wine?," you ask? 

Great question, but please keep your judginess to yourself. 

We were told by several callers that all you need to do is:

  • Put the bottle of wine into the heel of a shoe
  • Bang the wine-shoe against something hard.
  • Repeat until the cork come out.

Well, here's how that looked:



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So what are the other options?

  • Use a lighter. A listener says, "To get the cork out take a lighter and hold it over the outside of the bottle just under where the cork is. The heat should push the cork out. Takes a couple minutes."
  • Push the cork into the bottle.
  • Stick anything in: "If you have anything longer than the cork, stick it through and wiggle to let air in. A syringe is perfect...but likely not handy."

  • Cut the cork out with a pair of scissors (but this seems like it would get all kinds of cork chunks into your delicious cabernet.

  • Use a screw: "We took a regular screw and a screwdriver to set it into the cork. Then use the hammer pull it out like a nail. Works like a charm. Still have the cork with the screw in it."

  • Use a shoelace?: "Push wine cork through, then take a shoelace, tie a knot at the end, push knot past the cork and pull. I have used the trick on a 200.00 bottle of wine at a restaurant in town, lol"


In the end, our friend Nathan went to the store and bought a corkscrew, which is probably the simplest, smartest, and boringest way to open a bottle of wine.