If Your Company Let You Buy Extra Vacation Time, Would You Do It?

June 10, 2019

Credit: Thomas Northcut Collection: DigitalVision

If your company offered you extra vacation time - but you had to pay for it - does it still count as vacation time?  Apparently a lot of people and a lot of companies think the answer is yes.


A survey found that approximately 5% of companies in the U.S. let their employees buy extra vacation days.  All of those companies "charge" a different amount, but usually you generally give up a day's worth of salary for a day off.


In other words, you're just taking unpaid time off, but it's still a good option if your company won't let you take an unpaid day off.


The survey also found 9% of companies let employees cash out their leftover vacation days at the end of the year for extra money.


And 7% of companies let employees donate vacation time to a pool that other people can use.