Maryland's Most Hated Food

October 3, 2018

© Louis Horch |

What is Maryland's most hated food? According to a new survey, it's...

The corner piece of a brownie.

The dating app Hater, which matches users based on mutual dislikes, crunched the numbers.

Residents of New York are not a fan of putting ranch dressing on pizza, and New Jersey natives can't stand gas station wine. In Nevada, they hate delcious bubbliness of La Croix sparkling water.

But Maryland, we're doing it right.  The edges of brownies are crunchy, crusty, and cookie-like. No one needs that in a brownie. You know what we need out of a brownie? A brownie. Soft, gooey, chocolately brownies. Trash your over-cooked, hard, tooth-hurty brownie edges. And those pans those create all edges? They were designed, I'm pretty certain about this, by monsters. Fun-hating monsters.

While Maryland 100% agrees on the terribleness of brownie edges, some out-of-towners may disagree, and we suggest you voice that opinion on our Facebook page.