What Did You Name Your Car?

October 2, 2018

ID 13724737 © Reino Jonsson | Dreamstime.com

It's National Name Your Car Day on October 2, and according to a new survey, almost 25 percent of people name their car. Among 18 to 35 year olds, the number is up to 36 percent.

Bethany thinks it's dumb when people name their cars (she also thinks it's just women who name their cars), but that didn't prevent listeners with sharing the names of their cars with us. Here's what everyone said:

  • I'm a dude, my car's name is Beast (massive blue SUV). My wife's gray SUV is Yuki (u-key) (Japanese goddess of winter). My motorcycle is Dragon (big green cruiser). Why? Why not.
  • I named my car "Bass"ically Boomin". 

    I had a 1984 Nissan Sentra and yes the sound systems as worth more than the car itself. 
    Yes, I was THAT guy in the 90's.

  • I drive a silver escape, i call it POS. Worst car I have ever owned

  • My daughter has a white jeep Cherokee & her name is Princess Leia

  • My vehicle is called Hulk bc it is green and a beast of a huge truck. I get teased when i get out bc i am tiny and wear 6 in heels.

  • Bobby the truck (named after the old man whose truck it use to be) 

  • I drive a Chevy Colorado, his name is Darrius Trucker

  • Boy names! In high school, my first car was Jorge (I just liked the name) and my bff had a horrible brown station wagon that she named Hank the Tank. It held sooo many people!

  • We name all of our cars on my family. My car's name is Ivory. Some of the family car names have been: little sprout, Josh, Honey& Blaze.

  • My wife had me start to name my car which is goldie. My father in laws car is Fiona.

  • My husband named his black Xterra Black Beauty. His new truck is Black Beauty Tew (a.k.a BBTew) 

    My dad named his cars: quick silver, white ghost, and big red. 

    My little civic is Little Blue. My friend named her car Big Bertha. 

    I tend to name things like my camera too (Herbert and Jeeves). ----‍♀️ adds flavor and playfulness to life. Plus, if you name it, you may end up taking better care of it because it adds personification to it.

  • All my cars have been Italian men: Enzo, Enrico, and Vincenzo. I'm in Italian girl

  • I have orange subaru Crosstrek I name Crush. I am a male

  • Had a green Dodge Caravan that wouldn't die, calledhim the Incredible Hulk!

  • My last three cars have been Francine Stella and Scarlett. My current vehicle is the fair Fiona!

And then there's this one:

  • I've called my cars a lot of names but never named them