Science Proves You Should Only Be Working Three Days a Week

April 23, 2019

Credit: FS-Stock Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus

If your boss is into the whole science thing, share this with them and see if you can get yourself permanent four-day weekends.


A study out of the University of Melbourne in Australia found that we should only be working three days a week.


The researchers found that our brains can only really function at their peak levels for about 25 hours a week.  After that, the quality of our work declines really quickly.


The drop is so bad that if you ever try to pull a crazy 70-hour week, your brain is basically useless by the end.


Now, there is one catch.  The study only included people over 40, so it's possible that younger people can hang in a little longer.  But still, no matter how old you are, at some point too much work just makes your brain shut down. 

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