Trunk Or Treat: You Don't Need To Decorate!

October 19, 2018

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Do you have a trunk? Do you have some treats? Great. You're good to go. Wait, there's more?

Apparently there is. I had no idea: apparently, we're all supposed to Pinterest the heck out of our trunks, come up with themes, and go all out to decorate our trunks. I thought we just hid the jumper cables or something? It seems like a waste of time, a waste of money, and something that's just done to impress the other parents, not the kids who just want your candy. 

Some of our listeners agreed with me, some very much disagreed, and some offered me some suggestions:


Agree That You Don't Have to Decorate


Raegan's a guy. It's par for the course to show up with just candy in the trunk w/o decorations. If I see a man who does more than the bare minimum, I'd be suspicious that they spiked the candy.


I'm with you Reagan. Who cares what the trunk looks like? It's not about the decorations, It's about the candy.


Do the bare minimum. The kids dont care if your car is to the 9s just throw a pumpkin in the trunk and call it a day.


If you're gonna decorate, it should be because you want to. Not because your neighbors expect you to. I love going all out for Christmas because I love the holiday. I'm not as into Halloween.


Reagan is totally right. We decorate over the top for everything and it is ridiculous!


Trunk does not have to be decorated. All the kids care about is the candy


Very Much Disagree


Halloween GRINCH!!!


It's like going to a Halloween party without a costume. Sure everyone wants you there but it's just un-festive!


Love you Reagan and I normally would side with you but..... not having your trunk decorate it is just like having your porch light turned off... come on do it for the kids!!! [Isn't showing up with my trunk closed and no candy more like having my porch light turned off? - R]


Life is too short! Use every chance you get to overdress or over decorate! Life should feel like a celebration! --


Reagan I'm with you the kids only care about the candy!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DECORATE FOR TRUNK OR TREAT why waste money decorating car and then have to cheap out on the candy...the kids don't care about the house that's decorated best they want the house with THE BEST CANDY!! Luv u guys. 


We never decorate our house for trick or treat, either. For trunk or treat though, if you don't decorate it's just your crappy car trunk. Throw a dollar store banner and a pumpkin in there and call it a day.


Would you let your daughter walk up to the random guys undecorated trunk?!? That sounds wrong just saying it


Stop being lazy and decorate!


Reagan, you have to decorate the trunk. It's part of the whole thing. You can't just throw a bowl of candy in the trunk. The kids love it.



Decorate the trunk like a coffin and let Bethany lay in at made up as a corpse. When the kids approach she can sit up and scare them.


Just use what's in your car to decorate! You have jumper cables, correct? Do a Frankenstein theme


Reagan, cheap decorations: use sharpie to draw faces on milk jugs, put a light in there (dollar store) and you have spooky ghosts


Just get a early start on Christmas, just decorate the car and yard for Christmas


King size candy bars makes up for everything


Use the money for better candy.


Reagan instead of decorating, put SO MUCH CANDY in the trunk that you can't see the lack of decoration. Kids will see gold. You'll only get judged by kids' parents. Just buckets of candy everywhere


Reagan just dress in a suit and talk about all the trunk space... Boom, you're a used car salesman


I have never heard of trunk or treat before and it sounds kind of dumb. wandering around the neighborhood looking at all the houses and getting candy is what Halloween is all about