Eight Signs You Could Live to Be 100

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Will You Live to Be 100? Answer These Questions To Find Out

September 26, 2019

Here are eight questions to ask to find out if you could make it to 100, or even older:



1.  Are you still relatively young? Medical treatments are getting better and better.  So the average 20-year-old is twice as likely to reach 100 as their parents are.



2.  Do you have relatives who lived into their 90's?  Whether you make it to 100 or not depends on a lot of things.  But about a third of it has to do with genetics.



3.  Are you a woman?  19 of the 20 oldest people on record are women.  The oldest person ever was a woman in France who lived to be 122.  The oldest man was a Japanese guy who died in 2013 at the age of 116.



4.  Are you optimistic?  In a recent survey, most people who make it to 100 years old said they think of themselves as positive people.



5.  Are you right-handed?  Left-handed people don't live as long.  But it's partly because living in a right-handed world makes lefties more prone to accidents.  So they're more likely to die young, which drags down the average.



6.  Are you at a healthy weight?  People who make it to 100 are almost never obese.  But once you hit your 70's or 80's, being too thin isn't good either.



7.  Are you not extremely tall?  People who hit the 100-year mark tend to be shorter.  It's less common for really tall people to live that long.



8.  Do you not live in the middle of a big city?  Several studies have found that living to 100 is about twice as common in rural areas.  Partly because cities have more pollution, which can cause lung and heart issues.


If you answered yes to all of these questions, there's a good chance you'll live for 100 years or more, according to the book Secrets Of The Centenarians: What Is It Like to Live For A Century And Which of Us Will Survive to Find Out?