Your Date Is Judging You And Might Dump You Based on Where You Live

November 8, 2018
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Even geography is conspiring against you finding love.  A new survey by the website House Method asked 1,000 single men and women about different turn-offs, and it found that where you live plays a huge part in your dating life. 


Check this out:


1.  84% of women and 63% of men would stop dating someone if they lived with their parents.


2.  66% of women and 56% of men would end things if the other person lived in a, quote, "rough" neighborhood.


3.  47% of women and 34% of men would end things if your home isn't as NICE as theirs.


4.  30% of both women and men say they'd end things if you lived more than a half hour away from them, even if it's in the same town.


5.  And 20% of women and 39% of men would break things off if you had a roommate.


And if your living situation does pass the test, the survey also found the things inside your place that are major turnoffs.


The top four are: 

  • Guns on display
  • A huge mess
  • Empty alcohol bottles on display
  • Political paraphernalia. 


Women are also turned off by Disney paraphernalia, and men don't like hamsters or gerbils.