No Senior Eats Alone Day

August 9, 2019

On September 12, or any day during the week of September 9, the Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) invites you to participate in No Senior Eats Alone Day. Show older adults that they are valued members of your community by sharing a meal with them. The goal of this day is to help make older adults feel connected, establish better eating habits, and improve nutrition/health as well as to draw attention to the impact of social isolation. Help make a difference for the 190,000 adults over the age of 60 in Baltimore County.

Sharing meals together improves health, happiness, and social connection. When older adults share a meal, it can:

  • Improve mental health and cognitive status and reduce risk for physical and psychological health decline. Older adults who eat alone are at a 59 percent higher risk of physical and mental decline.
  • Encourage more nutritious meals with higher satisfaction. Older adults who live alone are 49 percent more likely to have poor nutritional habits, which increases their risk of illness and hospitalization.
  • Increase feelings of motivation to care for themselves.
  • Decrease feelings of depression and loneliness. Older adults who eat alone are twice as likely to be depressed and 79 percent more likely to have greater feelings of isolation.

For more details on No Senior Eats Alone Day and a list of participating locations, click here.