The PPOV (Priestly Point Of View) Andy Grammer In The Mix 1065 Up Close Studio

October 1, 2019

Photo by Ana Hall-Defoor


Always awesome when hanging with my buddy Andy Grammer!  First hang goes back to we are 9 years later and it was awesome catching up!  Check out one of the best performances we've ever had in our Up Close Studio.  

Here's the official intro that got cut off!!  Thx Jack (my eldest) for filming this!!!

This was soooooooooo "GOOD"!!!!!!

Andy's newest single "Wish You Pain"...not cause he's a jerk...but because we grow from it!

Lastly...from the movie "5 Feet Apart"..."Don't Give Up On Me"

He was awesome!!!!!  If you Missed the entire ya go!!!

Make sure to check out Andy's latest project "Naive"'s gooood!!!!!  Thx again Andy!!!

Photo by Priestly