Happy 3rd Gotcha Ya Day Benji!

October 3, 2018

Everyone says if you’re going to get a dog…rescue.  I gotta say, I agree! 

Photo by Priestly

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since this silly, loving mush of a guy came into our lives.  I really didn’t want him…it’s not that I didn’t want a dog…I just felt we didn’t have a big enough place for a dog…we don’t have a fenced in yard…just not the right time.  I was right…but it’s never the right time.  Carpe’ Diem!!!! Best decision ever!!!

Plus after watching last nights “This Is Us”…the gift of adoption, as challenging as it may be, is one of the greatest gifts.  I love Randal (Sterling K Brown) and his heart!!!  The relationship forged during those highly formative years make for a bond that lasts years into the future.  Please know I’m not comparing adoption of a child to an animal however the gift is still amazing.

Benji has added to our family in ways I can’t express.  The smiles and joy are what stands out.  One of his nick-names is Benjino…which is really just a squishing together of BENJI NO!!!!!  He STILL eats everything, although not as bad.  We love ya Benji!!!  Happy 3rd Gotcha day!!!!  

Photo by Priestly

For more on animal rescue, check out:

http://www.mdspca.org   MD SPCA

https://barcs.org BARCS

Or check your local shelters!!!!