Avengers 4 Trailer Is Here And So Is Priestly’s Reaction Video!

December 7, 2018
Avengers: End Game

Neilson Barnard / Staff

We have been waiting for this moment ever since the tear jerk ending that was Avengers Infinity War!  I really was hoping for NO TRAILER!  In my mind…less is more.  I wanted maybe to see some iconic images destroyed…like Caps shield, Iron Man’s helmet, Thor’s broken hammer, maybe the Hulk buster suit, wrecked…then the iconic Avengers A…falls to dust like our fallen hero’s…then the dust comes together to form the next Title (which is revealed here End Game)…and then a release date.  Oh well! 

Well here’s our reaction to watching it…below is the actual trailer…ENJOY!!!!

I can't WAIT!!!!