Wow! Billy Joel is Camden Yards First Concert! What was yours? Priestly's was...

January 10, 2019

© Ron Elkman/USA TODAY | 2019 Jan 9


So, everybody’s talking about this Billy Joel concert! The first concert at Camden yards right here in Baltimore Maryland in over 70 years! I am a Long Island boy, born and raised, I love Billy Joel and cannot wait to see this show.  I’ve seen Billy at least 5 times and he is an incredible shows man!  That being said it got me thinking, if Billy Joel is Camden yards first concert, what was your first concert? Mine believe it or not, was Whitesnake at Nassau Coliseum back in the mid to late 80s! (actually after re-watching this video...I rememeber why I went, Lol!!!)

So comment on my Facebook page or call in at 410-583-1065 and share your first concert and where you saw it! I love live music and I love Billy Joel can’t wait to see him right here at Camden yards!!! 

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