Watching This Hearing, I’m thinking What Happened To Respect?

September 27, 2018
United States Capitol

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I’m sitting here like a good adult watching this hearing in DC about a Supreme Court nominee, Robert Kavanaugh as well as Doctor Christine Blasey Ford, who both are from MARYLAND!  2 home town kids…with a historical story.

No politics, just an opinion that you’ll never hear me talk about on air.  I’m just so saddened by the way the world, in particular the US is behaving.  The way that Sen. Grassley talks down to people is not right.  The interactions between our Senators on the dais is that of children.  My children are supposed to look up to and respect these individuals…but there is little to nothing to respect. 

The world is in a tailspin due to the fact that respect overall, has gone out the window. No one respects authority any more, kids don’t respect their seniors, parents don’t respect their children and lastly few even posses self-respect. What ever happened to the golden rule; “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.  Why would ANY person want to dis-respect, belittle, bully, or hurt another person?  What if it was your Mom? What if it was your daughter? Brother? Father? Son? Friend?  It really makes no logical sense. 

I tell my kids, if you’re not helping…your hurting.  Always try to make things better, not worse.  Don’t turn a blind eye and you don’t have to turn a deaf ear either. Be smart, don’t put yourself in harm’s way…but even better, just be kind.  The ONLY way we are going to fix things…is by being respectful to one another and by working together to make “it” happen.

Thx for reading, one love!