Ralph Breaks The Internet Priestly Family Review in :60!

November 20, 2018

Photo by Priestly

So on the way back from the Mix 1065 Advance Screening for Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet, I decided to surprise the kids and made them give a quick podcast review of there thoughts and feelings...check it out!  

Honestly, I loved it! Totally better than the first...and I loved the first!  The entire crew is back and as good as ever...this time adding Gal Gadot and Tarji P. Henson to the team.  The story like the kids said gets a little sad at times and owns it!  Loved it! My prediction, it's gonna be HUGE!  People will go see this a second time just to catch all the little cameos and easter egss!  Keep your eyes out for plenty of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and all things internet!!!! From Google to You Tube and everything in between...don't blink!!!!  Ohhh and lastly...there are 2 post credit scenes....stay for them both!!!!