So Sad and Hurt By The Way America is Behaving

October 26, 2018

Photo by Priestly


I am shocked and embarassed by the way our country is acting.  This is NOT my first rodeo during an election season, and it's safe to say political ads have been mean throughout history.  Some call em smear campaigns...what are we MEAN GIRLS?

This is not about Democrats or Republicans...again fellow's about respect!  I am seriously disgusted at how low we have slipped as a nation in the realm of respect.  It's no wonder bullying is so promininent.  From the President's everywhere.  NOW, I for some reason forgot to skip through commercials on my DVR and came across one of the most appaling messages I've ever seen in a political ad.  

There's a group apparently known as Future45...they ran an ad it's deplorable! To me it's flat out hate speech and messaging slamming a group of people based on their political "color".  Is this gang wars? Politicism? Whatever it's disgusting and wrong.

Please strap on your BRAIN and your research, know your candidates and vote smart.  Don't listen to the talking heads on TV, check and triple check your "facts"...and bottom line vote smart.  Lastly I wish that the tv/media outlets would not accept money and run ads like this.  If you, as a politician, can't run on your own strengths and track record...maybe you don't belong in Government.

Here's this horrific ad...FOR THE RECORD! (so don't even go there) If this was a Demcratic message, I would be equally pissed, disgusted and dissapointed. a write this...another one JUST aired and it's from the other side.

Please vote smart, and please teach our children this behavior is absolutely uncalled for and actually hurtful.  BTW, have we forgotton our Pledge of Allegiance?

"United We Stand, DIVIDED WE FALL."