Priestly Hosts Maryland Education Experts On The Deficit Crippling Our Students, Teachers and Schools

September 18, 2019

Photo by Nathan Scott

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with four brilliant women dedicated to the Maryland Education System and the betterment of our children’s education. Our conversation focused on the current funding situation surrounding not just Maryland schools but all US schools.  Here in Maryland there is an enormous deficit holding our schools down and our children’s futures back. Right now we have an opportunity of a lifetime to enact giant changes that would ultimately ensure Maryland as one of the most elite education systems, not just in America, but the world!! We talk about the Kirwan report and the investment required to secure a brilliant future for our children, our state and our country. 

Please take time to check it out and more importantly please, pretty please, educate yourself.   Find out who in your community is willing to support the education system and not just say it, but mean it. Then make sure they get voted in and are held accountable. All of our futures are at risk, thank you so much for taking your time to check this out. Please spread the word.

In this video we have: 

Colleen Morris, President of HCEA

Mavis Ellis, Board Chair of the Howard County Board Of Edication

Cheryl Bost - Maryland State Education Association President

Chrystie Crawford-Smick- Harford County Education Association President

Here's some really helpful links to inform yourself and empower you to make educated choices.  

The Kirwan Report:

Summary of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future legislation, which began to implement and fund Kirwan recs:

Summary of Kirwan interim report:

Maryland State Education Association:

Strong Schools Maryland:

An overview of the bill that passed last year, which was a first step towards closing the funding gap:

Press release we the bill went through:

Some local effects and organizing efforts, many spurred by the need to increase funding:

A short video that links up what happened during the 2019 legislative session in regards to funding with what is expected during the 2020 session:

Poll of Maryland educators about the financial strains they are under (more than 40% work a second job, more than 90% buy supplies for their students, etc):