Priestly Plays With Toy Story's REX and the Founder of Farpoint Con!

February 7, 2019

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I love my job! I get to meet and work with some of the coolest and most talented people! This time around, I got to hang with Steven Wilson, the man behind the Farpoint Convention. It's celebrating its 26th year this weekend at the Hunt Valley Inn! For EVERYTHING you need to know about Farpoint, click right here!

Farpoint is hosting one of my all-time favorite character actors, Wallace Shawn!!! When I mentioned his name, most people said "Who's that?" Think the poison challenge in The Princess Bride. They scream "INCONCEIVABLE!!!" LOL!! For the smaller ones, I tell em' Wallace is the voice of REX in Toy Story. Then, eyes light up and jaws drop!!! (I felt the same way!!!)  Beyond that, Wallace has one of the most impressive IMDB pages I've ever seen! It was a real pleasure speaking with him:

What an incredible guy!!! Without Farpoint Con, Steven Wilson, and his dedication to bringing fun and excitement to town, it wouldn't be possible!!! Take a moment and get to know Steven with me. Discover why Farpoint Con is so different from other conventions:

Hope to see you at Farpoint this weekend, where our friend Traffic Nate will be meeting up with Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen, legendary voice actors whose resumes are super impressive!!! Catch ya later. :)