Saw This On The Today Show And It Gave Me Hope For Humanity: Free Mom Hugs

January 24, 2019

Photo by Priestly



This morning I was watching the Today show and came across a story that gave me hope for this divided world we live in.  I truly can't stand all the negativity.  The stress of fighting REALLY takes it's toll on my soul.  I learned a few years back, thx to a listener named Ida...I was an empath.  I can literally feel the negativity from others around me...that also goes for the good vibes too.  That said, lately, the negative vibes have been MUCH stronger...this story about a woman named Sara Cunningham gave me hope that people can learn to think outside of their "norms".  What's weird to one...may be completely fine to another.  Sara started a non-profit called Free Mom Hugs.  What an amazing idea that blossomed into a beautiful movement.  I could not find the Today Show clip to embed but did find another recent interview that features Sara and tells the story...enjoy!

Click: Here's the link to the official Today Show page if you care to see Sara and her awesome son Parker on this morning...

I just wish we all could learn to think outside of our own comfort zones and think and feel a little more about the others around us...different does not mean bad or evil.  Open your hearts and open your minds.