Priestly’s Kids Review The Grinch

November 8, 2018

Photo by Priestly


So the new Grinch movie hits theaters tonight with Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the green dude this time, and sadly I could not make it. Which is why I asked Jack, Olivia and Parker to do my job and officially review their first movie!  So here we go, I will just copy and paste their work, check it out! 


Parker: (9 and in 4th grade)


I got to see the new movie the Grinch. If I could compare this movie to the old movie I would say that the new Grinch was better. I thought this movie was better than the other movie because this movie was very funny because the Grinch was overwhelmed eating and he had no food to eat! Another reason why I liked the new Grinch, because he was voiced by DR. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)! The Grinch’s humor was very funny. My favorite part in the Grinch was when the goat would not stop yelling at The Grinch. I would rate this movie a 5-star movie! I say go see it and get into the holiday spirit!


Olivia: (9 and in 4th grade)

The movie Grinch

What I liked about the movie Grinch, was that it was a very funny and joyful movie to go see. The Grinch really put you into the Christmas spirit. My favorite character was the screaming goat, that really made me laugh. My favorite part was when the Grinch found his reindeer. Something that I really enjoyed was that Cindy Lou tried to do something for her mother for Christmas that most kids would not do for their mother or father. This movie rated out of 5 stars I would say it would be a 5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend going to see this movie.


Jack: (11 and in 6th grade)

The Grinch

So last night we went to see the new movie The Grinch. I would rate it 3/5 stars. This is definitely a movie you would want to see as a family. There’s a bit different storyboard, but it worked out. It is a mix of comedy and some features from the older Grinch movie. But mostly comedy. This movie really makes you like the Grinch all the way through the movie. Unlike the older movie, people didn’t like the Grinch. He did some rude stuff, but you still liked him! Plus, his dog max is the best. I think what they could have done better was making the Grinch meaner because he went soft sooner in the movie. Plus, the music was not the same. It was one the kids would probably enjoy more. The Grinch was an amazing movie you definitely would want to see with your family, or if you just really like the original Grinch. Oh, and wait till you see the goat!

From the mouths of babes!  I wish I could have gone.  They raved about it to me! Anthea said she also thought it was “cute” and a “good family movie”.  Go enjoy and put a smile on your face!  Happy Holidays! 

Yikes, I’m not ready for that!  Just call me The Grinch!