Parker, Olivia and Priestly Break Down The Lego Movie 2 Spolier Free

February 8, 2019

Photo by Priestly


So here we are 5 years later since the OG Lego Movie entered our lives!  Everything was awesome...but 5 years later, now EVERYTHING IS NOT AWESOME!  Now that's not my overall review, but a lot has changed...and nothing has changed also!

Parker and Olivia LOVED's our car ride home review...they are both 10 and if it's any indication what your kids will think, take a listen:

As for was ok.  Nothing majorily different.  The first one was special...this one simply cashes in on the old jokes and makes some more that will definitely get us big kids to Lol...but it's nothing mind blowing, like the twist of the first!  It has a nice message and I loved the 3rd act...but getting there takes some building Legos!!!  That said, Everything Is Not Awesome and it reflects tones of 2019 to be a much darker time than when the original came out in 2014!!!  That said, the kids will enjoy!