I'm So Tired! Change Sucks!

September 17, 2018

Wow, summer is over!  Life has been thrown into HIGH gear...schools in session, soccer is back in season (for 3 kids) and life continues to throw everything in the world at us except, HELP! Ugh!!

Adulting is hard..."they" never tell ya that growing up...and if "they" did, I at least, was to stupid to listen! It's amazing how outta whack my schedule has become.  My big guy Jack has taken on 6th grade and Middle School...which gets him out of the house by 7:30am, which gets me outta bed to just say good bye around 7:00am.  I normally wake up around 8am...but normal doesn't exist anymore! I am so tired as I write this!!!  That sleep change alone has been a killer...now; throw the extended days into it like picking up the kids from soccer practice after work.  Why is my brain and body having such a difficult time readjusting?   

Ok....thanks for reading...time for a nap!  Oh wait no...show-time!  Come hang with me M-F 2p-7p on Mix 1065 or using our Radio.Com app! Maybe we'll figure out the fix to being rejuvenated!!! Maybe…