Why The Johns Hopkins Children Center Radiothon is SO Important To Me

February 19, 2019

Photo by Priestly

I can't believe it. The Johns Hopkins Children Center Radiothon is in two days!  I've been doing this for sooo long ... over 20 years!  This video really sums up my feelings about this incredible event and the amazing people it helps! 

Even as a single guy YEARS ago, I knew how important this was. One day, I wanted to be a dad, and that looming fear of "what if?" freaks me out! I often think about the worst possibilities, but for every horrifying scenario, Johns Hopkins Children Center IS the guiding light back.  

We're living in pretty negative times, but this will replenish your soul and reinstill your hope in humanity: people coming together to help others fighting some seriously scary "monsters" (diseases).  Please join us and help make this the BEST Radiothon yet! Click the link to our page with ALL the 411 you need!

Tune in on Thursday and Friday and join us in this AWESOME effort. Please spread the word. Whatever you can give is MUCH appreciated!