People Need To Stop Sucking!

November 12, 2018

Photo by Priestly


So yesterday some low life piece of trash, smashed Anthea’s window while she was working a Photoshoot, no more than 50 feet away in a public Howard County parking lot!!  Beyond getting some personal stuff, it RUINED my Sunday AND my 3 kids were shocked, “Daddy, why us?”  Here comes a life lesson!

Photo by Anthea

A lot of people suck! That was my knee jerk reaction…then I thought about it. Ya see, Jack (11), Parker (9) and Olivia (9)…even though they were not there, felt violated and could not express it.  It was weird to them that someone would smash their car window and take some of OUR stuff!!!! WHY would they do this?  People suck isn’t a good enough answer. 

For one thing, accountability…NEVER leave anything in your car that’s important, especially in plain view.

That said, sadly, humans have issues and often make bad choices, which lead to other bad choices!  We talked about the desperation people feel when they have no money…which is absolutely NO EXCUSE.  Work harder!  It’s hard work preying on fellow humans! Use your energy in the right way. Drug addicts, don’t care about anyone often…they are not in their right mind and again, make terrible decisions.  Also, people just breaking the rule of respect!  Don’t disrespect people or their stuff!!!  Respect yourself…no self-respecting human actually would do this and feel true pride!

This next one was tough, I shared it with Jack my big guy only…Trust NO-ONE!!!  I was raised in NY and it was a part of my upbringing, I don’t like it…I wish it wasn’t necessary but look around you!!!  That said, be smart and listen to your gut.  I said when you feel that “little voice” telling you, “this is not the best idea”, follow it!  It won’t steer you wrong!! NOW, that said, people can also be wonderful!  We had some LOVELY humans who were there helping the entire way through!  The Howard County Police Officer dispatched was awesome. Anthea said he was understanding, friendly and very patient…thank you sir!!!!! 

As a silver lining, thanks to an awesome human who was standing by at the scene, later found a very important item trashed nearby that was ours and returned it! That really made a horrible situation…hopeful.  If you are reading this sir…thank you again.

For those “Grinch’s” out there…just stop!  You are not gonna stop us from still being happy and singing…or in my case bitching about how awful you are, I LOVE IT!!!!  Fallalalala-la-LA-La-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Ps…I know in Columbia this is not just a single occurrence, it’s a MAJOR ISSUE.  We are one of MANY!  Be smart this holiday season, lock your doors, empty your vehicles and take packages in ASAP.