Priestly Goes Back To Elementary School

November 14, 2018

Photo by Priestly


What a great day!  If ya have kids…make the time to go check them out at school!!!  It’s amazing to watch what’s going on and see our teachers on the front lines forming tomorrow’s leaders!

Photo by Priestly

I got to hang out with Parker in his 4th grade GT math class…YIKES…that is some hard stuff!  Props to Mrs. Miller…the way she engages these kids and shows them all this incredible stuff that they all understand, I barely could, ROCKS!!!!  I’ve known Mrs. M now for YEARS…my big guy Jack was in her class!  Keep up the AMAZING work Mrs. Miller…thx for all you do!

Photo by Priestly


Then I jumped into Olivia’s reading class.  It was so awesome…I had a portion of a book read to me by Mrs. Pearman, “The One and Only Ivan”!  Loved it!  Then Olivia showed me some of her amazing writings in her journal that she’d been working on all year! 

It was really great!  If you’re a Mom or Dad…I’ve been told American Education Week is country wide and ALL grades!!!  Jack wants me to go to middle school tomorrow, as long as he’ll have me, I’m there!


Lastly, Happy Holidays and Thank you to all our teachers and administrators and all the support staff!  We love you for what you do!