Hey it's Priestly, Sending A Sick Note/Video From Bed

January 23, 2019

Photo by Priestly


Hi!  I hate being sick!!!  So, I took off Friday and Monday a while ago when I was well...that was the plan.  Took Jack to the Caps game Friday night...Monday was Olivia and Parkers' 10th B-day but the plan was to be back Tueseday.  NOPE.  I'm definitely putting money down on a vicious cold, not the flu.  I don't have a fever...that said my energy is on ZERO, my throat is a mess due to the "drip"...at times I do feel a little better, then the meds run out.  This sucks!!!!  Hopefully back tomorrow...actually not hopefully, that's my plan!  Wish me luck!!  Miss you!!!! 

Thanks so much to my awesome wife Anthea for taking care of me and keeping our world moving, Love you!!!  Jack, Olivia, Parker and Doctor Benji...thx for being so helpful and cool while I've been knocked down!  Also big thx and love to my new boss Tom for making sure I get better and moving mountains to make sure I'm covered!!!  Neci thx for covering you da woman, much love and thx...you sound awesome! #TeamWorkToMakeTheDreamWork Hopefully back tomorrow!!!