After 15 Years Priestly Reunites With The Jonas Brothers!

December 2, 2019

Photo by Priestly


Gotta be honest...I am spoiled when it comes to "hanging out" with the's QUITE different at a Meet & Greet pre or post show.  That said back in 2004/05' I was able to work with the guys as their star was launching!  We recorded hours of an exclusive Jonas Brothers radio show I wrote/coached and ultimately produced for air.  I had them on my show nationally live, a few times...that said...when given the chance to meet up all these years later, it meant A LOT to me.

Jonas Brothers and The Priestly Crew
Photo by The Jonas Brother M&G Staff

Back in the day.....

Priestly and The Jonas Brothers (est 2004)
Photo by Priestly
Priestly and the Jonas Brothers (est 2005)
Photo by Priestly

It was a little disappointing...that's okay though!  Just a reminder what truly matters!!!  Family and Friends!!!  Much love to you This holiday season and thank you for having me a part of your lives!!!  I have a TON of video which I will release through out the week...that's one of the best moments of the Jo Bros show: