Priestly Reflects On 9/11, 18 Years Later and Finds Light!

September 11, 2019

Photo by Priestly


As a New Yorker born and raised, today is a hard day in my life.  Just a small reflection and a lesson noticed...maybe I'm right...maybe I'm not.  That said, the story I learned about kindness on 9/11/2001, TODAY, made me remember, no matter how dark it seems...there is light out there! #NeverGiveUp

Learned about this event this morning while watching the Today show! Such an incredible TRUE story!!!!  Tonight ONLY you can see the documentary "You Are Here" at a bunch of area theaters, the showing is at 7pm.  Please click here to see the story about a town of about 9,000 saw a population increase of nearly 8, MORE PEOPLE due to diverted airplanes!!!  WHAT A STORY! #Goosebumps Click to see!!!

#NeverForget #NeverGiveUp #Kindness #Love