Spencer Sutherland Performs And Interviews With Priestly In The Mix Up Close Studio

April 23, 2019

Photo by Priestly


Love days when I get host artists in the famed Mix 1065 Up Close Studio!  Today we got to know Spencer Sutherland! Spencer is on tour with Jack + Jack and playing tonight at the Fillmore in Silver Spring!  If you can get tickets, do it! (Click here for tix info)  Spencer Sutherland has been at all his life and puts his heart and raw emotion into each song he writes. Raw, Real and Sexy; 3 words that describe Spencer Sutherlands music!

Here's a clip of "Freaking Out" (unedited)

This a clip of "Tell Me" (unedited)

Here's Spencer doing some of "Sweater" (unedited)

Spencer and I had an awesome chat after the performance, I'm still waiting on getting it...as soon as I do, I'll update this page!  Check back in a little while! And in the meantime check out some of the pictures from The Spencer Sutherland Up Close HERE! Here's the M&G (meet & greet) pics with our Mix winners!!


Photo by Priestly