Priestly Is ANGRY That People are Not Staying Local!!!

April 6, 2020
Respect The Rules! #BeSmart #BeKinds #BeSafe

Photo by Priestly

I'm all for people getting outside to get some sun on the face, a fresh breath of air and to let the mind clear!!  Super important actually...that said, stay in your neighborhood...don't venture out to ride your bike!  Ride your bike in your this Priestly Family Movie/PSA...there is no excuse for this!!! 

Major props to my editor, Jack (my eldest son) for putting this together for me, AWESOME JOB BUDDY!  (Sorry proud Dad moment)

People this is very serious stuff...the more we respect the distancing and quarantine, I truly believe the faster we will get back to our "normal" lives.  I was shocked by what I saw on FB over the weekend...we cannot allow for this stupidity to go unchecked.  Click here to read about what I'm talking about on the show, live from the Priestly Family basement!!!  I wanna get back to the real world, sooner than later...people please #BeSmart!!!!