With The Big Game Just Days Away, Check Out These Super Commercials Already Leaked!

January 27, 2020

ID 71082545 © Victor Moussa | Dreamstime.com


Hey It's Priestly and my favorite part of the Super Bowl...the commercials!!!  So far we've seen the death of Mr. Peanut, now we have Captain America (Chris Evans), Jack Ryan (John Krasinsk) as well  Rachel Dratch and David Ortiz in this hilarious Boston inspired Hyundai ad!

If you can't wait till Sunday...here's a couple Super Bowl 2020 commercials already out:

Gotta be honest...this Hyundai feature is pretty ahhhesome!!!

In case you can't hang on (he couldn't) till Sunday here's the Mr. Peanut ad.

Just found this one, wouldn't be the Super Bowl without a Budweiser commercial! "Typical"