This Is Us, Simply The Best!

September 26, 2018

© Robert Hanashiro


Last night season 3 of This is Us returned to NBC and it did not disappoint! 

By far, one of my absolute favorite shows!  That coming from a guy who loves the super hero/sci-fi genre movies and t.v. the most.  That said, the writing and acting alone carry this show into an elite group in my world.   This is Us continues to touch on all themes in life, from family to work, love to death and everything in between.  The adoption story of Deja, set the tone of season 3 off beautifully.  Coupled with a story line in the past, of Jack and Rebecca and their first date plus it’s the triplets 38th birthday, and oh yeah KATE AND TOBY’S baby situation…we really hit the ground running.  And oh yeah…KEVIN! Lol!!

No spoilers…just watch it!  If you are new to This Is Us…catch up!  Find it on demand and get ready to fall in love with the Pearson’s and This Is Us!