Priestly Says Wait That's Genie From Aladdin! Nooo!!!

February 11, 2019

Normally I am SUPER OPEN MINDED…I’m always the first to say, “Wait” or “Give it a chance” or “Maybe it will be better when it’s done”…but right now, I’m REALLY nervous about Disney’s live remake of Aladdin! 

For the record, I loved Disney’s remakes of Beauty & The Beast, Jungle Book,  heck I thought even Cinderella was pretty good…I am over the moon excited about The Lion King and FREAKED out in a stupid big kid/daddy kind of way when I heard about the Aladdin reboot…but I have been very skeptical. 

Let’s be clear, I thought what Robin Williams did as the Genie was ground breaking!  Robin’s  improv mixed with in the scripted writings of Genie, are and I quote “Often imitated but never duplicated”.  My wish for this live reboot would have fallen more in line with Jon Favreau’s view of The Lion King reboot.  Favreau is keeping James Earle Jones the voice of Mustafa!!  I wish that Guy Ritchie took a page out of that playbook and used Robin Williams vaulted work (assuming there is) and created the Genie from there.  That said…maybe that’s not possible.  Will Smith, honestly…LOVE HIM!  Love his movies and work, but I can’t buy into Will Smith as the Genie…especially now after this reveal.

Wills’ Genie…to me, looks like Will Smith painted blue like a smurf, beefed up like the hulk then turned into a smokey version without feet…no sir, I don’t like it!!!  I think Will easily can recreate the energy and fun of Genie, but does Genie need to resemble Will in the face so much?  I don’t think it’s nessary…Guy Ritchie should have made the Genie’s face look more like the animated version of Genie.

Yes it’s still early…but at this point, I am not feeling very good.  Dumbo the new reboot looks amazing!  Lion king makes me tear up every time I see a trailer…this update to  Aladdin freaks me out!  Even the opening scene in this “special look” feels more like a snowy place for the Cave Of Wonders…not a dessert.

Ughhhh….I guess time will tell.  Either way, I’m definitely going to see it. Curious,  what do you think??