Zachary Levi and Priestly Talk Baltimore Comic-Con and So Much More!

September 26, 2018

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Besides all the awesome cosplayers, comic artists/art, cool toys and CELEBRITIES, my favorite part of Baltimore Comic-Con is getting exclusive access to the top talent, like Zachary Levi!  Soon to be in DC’s Shazam as well as season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tangled’s own Flynn Rider calls in to talk about Chuck and so much more!


What an awesome human Zachary Levi is!  I really enjoyed my time chatting it up with Zach.  As you’ll hear over the next 10 minutes, Zach is down to earth, smart, fun and just an overall really nice guy!  If you got the time this weekend stop by and say Happy Birthday to Zach at Baltimore Comic-Con (his B-day is actually the 29th)!! 



For everything Baltimore Comic-Con:

Also, as of today...PROOF, Zach IS DEFINITELY the voice for Flynn Rider in Kingdom Hearts 3!!! For all that, check out the EW story printed TODAY! Click me!!!

Plus if you missed the trailer for DC’s Shazam, check out Zach, he’s awesome…my entire family is psyched for this one!