Here's the Most Uniquely Popular Side Dish in Maryland

November 12, 2019
maryland popular side dish thanksgiving

Credit: Foxys_forest_manufacture Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus


Google released a list of the most uniquely popular Thanksgiving side dish in every state, based on searches.  In other words:  What side do people in a state Google more than people in other states?  Here are the results:


In Maryland, it's collard greens.


And here are the dishes for our surrounding states:

  • Pennsylvania - Candied sweet potatoes
  • Delaware - Butternut squash
  • Virginia - Corn pudding
  • West Virginia - Broccoli salad


Other things we've learned:


  •  The top side in South Dakota and Oregon is ambrosia salad, which is fruit salad made with marshmallows.


  • The most popular side dish in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico is pecan pie, and we have no idea how that's considered a side.


  • Tennessee's top side dish is mac and cheese, which is a good call.


  • Ohio might have the most obscure pick:  Seven-layer salad.  Apparently the seven layers are lettuce, celery, green pepper, onion, peas, cheese and bacon bits. 


See the whole list here.