The Most Common Tough-to-Answer Questions Kids Ask

July 21, 2020
The Most Common Tough-to-Answer Questions Kids Ask

Credit: dimafoto Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus


If you've got kids, you've probably had to field some of these questions before.  A recent study by the History Channel looked at the most common tough-to-answer questions little kids ask their parents.  Here are the top ten:



1.  Where do babies come from?


2.  What's the deal with Santa Claus?


3.  Do things like ghosts, mermaids, and unicorns exist?


4.  Is the Tooth Fairy real?  And what does she do with all those teeth?


5.  Why do adults have to work?


6.  Where do people go when they die?


7.  Why is the sky blue?


8.  Where do clouds come from?


9.  Are there still dinosaurs around?


10.  If you swallow a seed, will it grow inside you?