Warning: That Might Be A Fake Restaurant on Your Delivery App

May 20, 2020
fake restaurants on delivery apps

Credit: ajr_images Collection: iStock / Getty Images Plus


Chuck E. Cheese realized people wouldn't want to order their food delivered, but they wanted in on the jump in delivery orders for the pandemic so according to Food & Wine, they're listed on delivery apps as a fake "local" restaurant called "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings". (In Maryland, there's at least one "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings," listed in Parkville on Grubhub.)


Pasqually is one of the other animals in Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic band.  And they say that Pasqually's food uses a "thicker crust and extra sauce."


Applebee's is doing this, too, according to Fox: they're posing as "Neighborhood Wings."


And we heard of at least one Maryland grocery store that is posing as a sushi restaurant and delivering their store-made sushi.


Are we cool with this? On one hand, the name of where food comes from shouldn't matter that much, but on the other hand, they do seem to be a bit dishonest with the customer, and no one wants to be catfished when they're just trying to get a meal.