When You Load a Dishwasher, Should the Silverware Point Up or Down?

November 12, 2019
When You Load a Dishwasher, Should the Silverware Point Up or Down

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Here's a simple topic you might be oddly passionate about:  When you load a dishwasher, should you put the silverware in so it's pointing up or down?  Or does it even matter at all?


The Mirror tracked down as close to an "expert" on the topic as they could find.  A guy named Ashley Iredale has a degree in industrial design.  He makes a living writing about appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.


According to him, it does matter which way you do it.  And if you want to do it right, the silverware should be pointing down.  So the handles are at the top.  Here's why:


First, it's a little safer.  Especially with knives, because it's easier to cut yourself if you put them in blade-up.


Plus, he says, it's just more hygienic.  If they're facing down, you'll only touch the handles.  So the part of a spoon or fork that goes in your mouth won't get germs or smudges on it when you take them back out.


Some people think putting them in the other way gets them a little cleaner.  And he says that might be true with some dishwashers.  But if there's any difference, it's marginal.  So it's not worth it. 


Our listeners were all over the place in terms of what they do. Here's what they said:

  • I feel if spoons and forks are face down they don't get clean enough but maybe I'm O.C.D.
  • I was always taught that silverware doesn't get as clean if it's facedown because the water/soap can't get to it as well
  • Martha Stewart said to alternate your forks up and down and your spoons up and down so they literally don't spoon each other because if they spoon each other they don't get clean same with the fork

  • Dont put forks face up if you have kids! In school I had a friend who was playing near an open dishwasher and got a fork stuck in her butt.