Flavored Cream Cheese Is Gross And Needs To Stop

September 21, 2018
flavored cream cheese bad

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Let's be real: Nobody wants flavored cream cheese.  At the very least, people bring too much of it to the office compared to how much plain cream cheese if offered. Embrace the plain cream cheese! Fruit-flavored cream cheese, especially strawberry, is terrible and tastes like sadness. Stop forcing it on people.  (For what it's worth, Bethany disagrees and like gross-flavored cream cheese). 

And while we're at it, let's admit that untoasted bagels are like eating raw pizza dough. Give us the option of a toaster, or don't bother at all. This has been "Strong Bagel Opinions" with Reagan and Bethany.

We asked our listeners what they thought of flavored cream cheese compared to the delightfully simply plain cream cheese, and here's what they said:


FOR (a.k.a People With Good Taste)

I'm with you Reagan, plain all the way!!

No to fruity cream cheese, it's gross.

Plain cream cheese is the only way to go!!!!!!

I'm with Reagan on this. Plain cream cheese is the way to go.

Plain Jane toasted bagels regular cream cheese

Plain cream cheese please!!!


AGAINST (a.k.a People Who Should Not Be Trusted)

Flavor cream cheese .... plain is gross

Bethany, I'm from NY too, and flavored cream cheese is absolutely SUPERIOR to plain!

Ummm. At my office the honey almond schmear always goes first in the office!!!! ----------

Hazelnut cream cheese on a cinnamon crunch bagel is just about the best thing ever

I'm with Bethany definitely strawberry cream cheese is the bomb don't like onion bagels and definitely toast it pam



No cream cheese...butter.

No cream cheese! Toasted and buttered all the way

Uhmmm french toast bagels, where y'all been?! (Reagan: What is this?! Tell us more!)